You have important information. We make sure your audience understands it.

You have important information. We make sure your audience understands it.

Our suppliers are critical business partners that meet our expectations

Joikiama International Company supplies all type of products and items from national and international Markets at reasonable prices in efficient time frame. We have been importing commercial goods, for long, culminating into the distribution of various commodities to our clients in Tanzania and East Africa. We provide a wide-range supply chain items. We maintain strict quality control and provide excellent quality products within specified budgets.
Our suppliers are <span>critical business</span> partners that <span>meet our</span> expectations

Our company offers its clientswide range of servicesin the field of export and import

May be your company is searching to import new goods or services? Or maybe your unique expertise can be exported? Allow us to link you and your company to its wide export and import network worldwide. Now, more than ever, shippers need an ally who is up to date on the latest regulations, who can anticipate and prevent delays, and who has worldwide connections. Reduce paperwork, cut costs, and watch your sales soar.
Our company offers <span>its clients</span>wide range of <span>services</span>in the field of export and import

Manufacturing and Supply of Goods

We supply an extensive range of products which can be supplied to cover all business requirements.

Consultancy Service

We provide a full range of consultancy services to assist clients with a broad spectrum of issues.

General Suplies

We supply a complete range of general supplies suitable for all sectors.

Electric Lock Supply

We supply Access Control Integration, Building Entrances, Apartment Building Entrances, Retro-Fit To Exit Devices, Storefront Doors, Code Compliant REX Solutions, Re-Entry Options, Power Supplies, & Power Transfers.

Import service

Consolidation of goods from different manufacturers (both domestic and abroad)

Export Service

Our company offers its clients wide range of services in the field of export and import


Our Partnesr

Thanks to our diverse, committed and passionate corporate partners

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General Supllies services

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