About Us

We build connected brands

We are a Supplier agency

So What's the Story?

From Humble Beginnings to Award Winning Trading

Our story of progression is similar to other business success stories. It began with one person, with a vision to improve the way businesses visually communicate their message to the world. Initially launched in 2009.

Our service offerings include trading, importing, exporting, manufacturing, supply of goods, And  infographic design services, whiteboard animations, video and print marketing, 3D animation services, and many more. The company is also involved in the business of service provision. The company’s clients include private firms, government and government institutions. The company has enough specialised and experienced employees to ensure quality and timely delivery of products and provision of services to its esteemed customers.

Jokiama International has, since the company’s incorporation, remained loyal to its core values and beliefs in the way that the business is operated, Jokiama International we firmly believe that there must be a trusted partnership between us and our customers.

With invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge, the company always aims to achieve the highest standard in service to all of our customers. That is why Jokiama International has gained its place as one of the most recognized and trusted names in Tanzania Supply Industry.

At Jokiama International we understand that no matter how small or large the customer’s requirements the same care and professionalism must be taken every time as we know the importance of delivering a first class supply service. This is our business, this is what we understand, and this is why we are a trusted.

Our Skills

Consultancy Service70%
Import and Export80%
Video Marketing75%