Video Marketing

Learn why video marketing is the most powerful strategy you can add to your marketing arsenal and how it can help your brand drive results. Every business should use video as part of their online and offline marketing plan and campaign. Videos come in many forms, including explainer videos, whiteboard animations, 3D animations, and more.

Video Marketing As A Strategy

We live in a digital age where new pieces of information are constantly being added, shared, and created. Video marketing is the perfect outlet to grab your customers’ attention. There’s no question that people want relevant, engaging, and entertaining content that’s easy to digest, and video marketing does precisely that. It can be easily shared on social media, email and more.

Aside from its obvious benefits of improving conversion rates and helping companies better market & sell their products , having a solid video marketing strategy in place will increase the credibility of your brand. Videos have the power to instill trust within your audience, helping to form the fundamental building blocks of a positive relationship with your consumer. Add a video marketing strategy to your marketing efforts and see just how influential it can be for your company!

Core Benefits of Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Increases your site’s conversion rates

Whatever conversion means to you — more lead forms filled out, people entering a funnel, purchases made, MQLs to feed your hungry sales team- video is the secret weapon to up those conversion rates. Video has been found to up conversion rates on a landing page by upwards of 80%.

Increases ad performance

64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, and even more amazing is that views of sponsored video content on Facebook have jumped 258% since 2016 (Tubular Insights). Video is the single most powerful tool to use across all digital marketing functions, especially so for social media ad campaigns.

Simplifies complicated ideas

What better way to tell your brand’s story than through a short animated video? Explainer videos are especially ideal for brands who have a difficult time explaining their services and products. 2D and 3D animations bring life to any topic and message. Whether it’s a guide on using a robot vacuum or highlighting the importance of investing in HVAC maintenance, our animation experts have you covered.


You can also choose to publish a full text-based script, which ensures Google understands everything being discussed in the video. This is perfect for boosting search engine rankings for each video. Science shows humans remember information better when it’s in a visual format. They remember up to 65% of the information they viewed in a video three days later, which is essential for brand recall. The videos are also easy to share, making it simple for viewers to share your brand with their friends and colleagues.

Increases user experience

One of the most simplistic benefits of videos is that they are visually appealing. Whiteboard animations, 3D animations, and video marketing in general help make content more digestible and give the user options for how they prefer to learn and absorb information.